Eugenia Blight

     Trouble with your Eugenia?
Replacement is your best bet
either with young plants that will grow
over time or mature specimens for instant privacy.

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3.0 178 Front AfterFor experienced, trustworthy, competitively priced and uniquely tropical landscape design and installation, look to Jim Downing of Tropical Touch Landscapes, your local, hands-on expert. A native Floridian, Jim has been immersed his entire life in the tropical foliage and eclectic design of coastal South Florida, from Key West to the Treasure Coast. Sublime design consumes him.

“Having lived or worked in Miami, South Beach, the Keys, Palm Beach, the Treasure coast—and many points in between—I couldn’t help but develop an affinity for the natural beauty here,” Jim says.

All that intrinsic knowledge and passion, however, stayed bottled up for years in Jim’s coat-and-tie world of corporate sales until the purchase of his first home in Tequesta. “I bought a very cool home designed and occupied by a local architect who had a strong appreciation for the natural Florida scrub, pine trees and topography of the property, but who let the landscaping go.”

Careful not to disturb the native drought-resistant plants already in place, Jim hung up his business suit, re-landscaped the entire property himself—including a new swimming pool, deck, outdoor bar, lighting and walkways—and never looked back. Today, Jim channels that same passion he found while landscaping his own property into all the residential landscapes he now creates for a living.

“It’s like being a commissioned artist,” he says. “You know your painting is going to hang on someone else’s wall, but it’s still your painting. Landscaping is no different. I design as if I’ll be living in the space. I choose my plants that way. Even the customer’s budget is my money in a sense. I constantly ask myself, ‘How much beauty and utility can I create from this dollar amount. Ironically, unlike the painting, my landscapes are enjoyed by anyone who happens by the property, not just the homeowner.”

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